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Our first contact with a prospective client normally occurs through a free, no obligation assessment of your business.


-Maybe you have never worked with a business adviser or a coach. 

-Maybe you thought that you can't afford the help you need. 

-Maybe you don't have a clue what you need. 

-All you know is that something must change or you finish the sentence.


We are passionate about helping you get control of your business and your life.  If you need help, call for a preliminary assessment.  


While an assessment can be incredibly important and valuable, you are under no pressure to go any further than a simple conversation.  If we can help, then we'll talk about a fee. 

Why not call right now?  601-940-1943


What does the assessment involve?


-The first step is to find out what is eating you.  We'll ask a few simple questions that help us to focus on factors that may be threatening your survival.  The first question usually is "Where does it hurt?".  The factors that are causing you pain usually fall into 3 categories:


1. Pests - Those distractions that kill your personal productivity and the productivity of your staff.  They nibble away at you from the outside.

2. Pathogens - Those diseases that are eating you or your key people from the inside out.

3. Parasites - These factors usually start small put gradually act like leeches that suck the life out of you and your business. 


-Once we have diagnosed the factors that are threatening the life of your company, we will focus on 21 growth factors that are necessary for your business to reach its potential.  Those factors include:


  1. Refining you vision

  2. Organizing and growing your knowledge base

  3. Developing strategic alliances

  4. Promoting creativity

  5. Maximizing untapped resources

  6. Benchmarking

  8. Exploiting your competitive advantage

  9. Specialization

10. Design

11. Strategic Planning

12. Reinforcing good habits

13. Rest

14. Innovative Cooperation

15. Systems

16. Training

17. Encouragement

18. Compensation

19. Adaptability

20. Timing and Cycle Coordination

21. Marketing


Why didn't we mention an assessment of your financial statements?


Business coaches differ from consultants in one key area.  The answer is simple.  Few businesses can operate profitably in the long term without a holistic view of its health.  Financial condition is only one symptom of the health of the business.  We are looking for a few relationships we can maintain over a long period of time. 


We do consulting projects, of course.  And, we talk to a lot of people.  But, our main objective is to find relationships that we can nurture that will be good for both us and our clients over an extended period.  We tend to be he cross country runners, not the sprinters.  That explains why working with a business coach is usually much more cost effective than hiring a consultant.


Unlike some consulting firms that focus immediately on your financial statements, we will not ask for any specific numbers during our initial assessment.  A few consulting firms give all consultants grief because their first focus seems to be to size up your present cash position so they can formulate a plan to separate as much of that cash as possible from you in as short a period of time as possible.  If you have a current P&L statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows, we will give you an objective reading at no charge.  But, we will never charge a fee unless we can help you.    


What is a business coach looking for in a client?


Our business coaches are looking for clients who recognize that they can benefit from the assistance of a qualified advisor and are committed to making necessary changes to grow their business.  For the coach to benefit from the relationship, the client must be an active participant in the process.  We can help almost anyone who wants to grow their business.  But, it really is fun to do business and to do life with someone who is committed to pay the price to reach their full potential. 


How do you know when there is a good match with your coach?


Selection of a business coach is very important to both of us.  To acheive maximum results, there must be a good match.  We believe that our relationship must progress through at least 3 levels before we can be effective for you. 


- Friend - You will be spending time with your coach either on the phone or in person over an extended period of time.  Things work much better if you experience good chemistry and an honest interest in you and your business.


- Adviser - Once you know and trust someone, you are much more likely to listen to their advice.  Think about it.  Don't you usually go to friends when you need advice?  Who wants to trust a stranger?


- Accountability Partner - This is the level of relationship necessary for you to really get the most out of a relationship with your business coach.  You must not only listen to your adviser.  You must be willing to respond to their honest concerns.